Wyre Forest Study Group – Video Clips


The Wyre Forest is brimming with wildlife in all its shapes and forms. Although most people will have a camera to hand whilst walking through the forest and so are able to capture excellent images of the wildlife encountered, by their very nature, these are just snapshots in time. But even the most detailed photograph is unable to convey the sounds and atmosphere at the time.

The Wyre Forest Study Group members often have the opportunity to film short clips of video during their studies. Here you will find a small collection of video which provide a tantalising glimpse of environments and animal behaviours that might otherwise go unobserved by the keen naturalists. We plan to increase the range of video clips in the gallery in order show more snippets of interesting behavioural activities within the natural world.


This video gallery will be updated and added to regularly. We would love to be able to include videos from group members too.  If you have any videos within your own personal collection that were taken within the local area of the Wyre Forest and you would like to see them displayed within these pages, just let us know.


Click on the Play button on the video footage to view the clip. Each clip can also be played at full screen size be selecting the maximise button.

This page is currently under development and will include many more features and new content over the next few months, so be sure to pop back to check out the new content. 


















Dipper at Bewdley

Rosemary Winnall

Toads in the Wyre

Rosemary Winnall

Views of the riverbed

Rosemary Winnall

Otters & Grey Wagtail at Dowles Brook

Rosemary Winnall

Hawfinch at Bliss Gate

Rosemary Winnall

White-clawed crayfish

Graham Hill