Wyre Forest Study Group Biological Records

For more than 25 years members of the Wyre Forest Study Group have been recording flora, fauna and fungi in different Forest habitats, and these records are incorporated into the Worcestershire Biological Records Centre database. 20 species lists have been compiled.


Using the drop down menus above will provide access to fully searchable, individual Biological Record tables in the following categories:

  • Amphibians & Reptiles of Wyre
  • Birds of Wyre
  • Beetles of Wyre
  • Mosses and Liverworts of Wyre
  • Butterflies of Wyre
  • Caddis Flies of Wyre
  • Dragonflies of Wyre
  • Fish of Wyre
  • Flies of Wyre
  • Fungi of Wyre
  • Grasshoppers and Crickets of Wyre
  • Bugs of Wyre
  • Wasps, Bees, Ants and Sawflies of Wyre Wyre
  • Lichens of Wyre
  • Mammals of Wyre
  • Molluscs of Wyre
  • Moths of Wyre
  • Plant Galls of Wyre
  • Spiders and Harvestmen of Wyre
  • Vascular Plants of Wyre