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Wyre Forest Amphibians

The Wyre Forest provides a home for five of the UK’s amphibian species. The dynamic nature of the forest landscape and the changing seasonal precipitation result in temporary ditches that fill with rainwater. These provide ample opportunities for the Common Frog and newts to spawn in early spring. The forest also has several larger and more permanent pools that provide ideal habitats for spawning toads, frogs and newts. Out of the breeding seasons, the amphibians will melt away into the forest to spend the rest of the year under rotting logs and other damp areas of the forest.

It will come as no surprise to learn that many of the UK’s amphibian populations are under threat. In order to ensure that healthy populations continue to thrive within the forest, work is undertaken by members of the Study Group to survey and record habitats of some of our most endangered species such as the Great Crested Newt. These studies have been ongoing since 2011 and have provided vital data to help steer and reinforce conservation work. The results and summaries of this data in published by the group each year in their annual Review.     


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