Wyre Forest Study Group – Biological Records

Species List: Mosses & Liverworts of Wyre

Species Count: 406

Date Compiled: April 2018 – by Ann Hill

BryophyteLatin NameCommon nameStatusDetails
Hornwort(Anthoceros punctatus)Field/Dotted Hornwort(Rare)Trimpley. Hoarstone near Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.)
LiverwortAneura pinguisGreasewortLocal
LiverwortBarbilophozia attenuataTrunk PawwortRareHitterhill Coppice (BBS, 2004)
LiverwortBarbilophozia floerkeiAtlantic/Common/Hatcher’s PawwortRareTown Coppice (T. Laflin, 1962)
LiverwortBazzania trilobataGreater WhipwortScarceNumerous records from the time of Duncan to the 21st century: Dowles Brook, Hitterhill Coppice, Knowles Coppice, Park Brook, Brand Wood.
LiverwortBlasia pusillaCommon KettlewortRareSeckley (Bagnall, 1895). R. Severn near Bewdley (Lawley, 2009).
LiverwortBlepharostoma trichophyllumHairy ThreadwortRareSeckley (Bagnall, 1895). “Wyre” (Duncan, 1908). Ribbesford Wood (BBS, 2004).
LiverwortCalypogeia argutaNotched PouchwortUbiquitous
LiverwortCalypogeia fissaCommon PouchwortUbiquitous
LiverwortCalypogeia muellerianaMueller’s PouchwortLocal
LiverwortCephalozia bicuspidataTwo-horned PincerwortUbiquitous
Liverwort(Cephalozia lunulifolia)Moon-leaved Pincerwort(Rare)Seckley Wood and Arley Wood (Bot. Worcs.)
LiverwortCephaloziella divaricataCommon ThreadwortLocal
LiverwortCephaloziella rubellaHampe’s/Red/Heath Threadwort RareNear Fish Ponds (Duncan, 1920). Buttonoak/Dowles (Lawley, 1999).
LiverwortChiloscyphus pallescensSt Winifrid’s Moss/Pale LiverwortLocal
LiverwortChiloscyphus polyanthosSt Winifrid’s Moss/Pale LiverwortWidespread
LiverwortConocephalum conicumGreat Scented Liverwort/SnakewortWidespread
LiverwortConocephalum salebrosumGreat Scented Liverwort/SnakewortLocal
LiverwortDiplophyllum albicansWhite EarwortUbiquitous
Liverwort(Fossombronia caespitiformis)Common/Pitted/Acid/Spanish Frillwort (Rare)“Wyre Forest” (SO 7376) (Bagnall, 1892). “Wyre” (Paton, 1959).
LiverwortFossombronia pusillaCommon/Pitted/Acid/Spanish Frillwort Widespread
LiverwortFossombronia wondraczekiiCommon/Pitted/Acid/Spanish Frillwort Local
LiverwortFrullania dilatataDilated ScalewortUbiquitous
LiverwortFrullania tamarisciTamarisk ScalewortLocal
Liverwort(Gymnocolea inflata)Inflated Notchwort(Rare)Wyre Forest and railway cuttings, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.)
LiverwortJamesoniella autumnalisAutumn FlapwortRareSkeys Wood and Seckely Wood (Duncan, Bot. Worcs.).  “Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1907; Rose, 1969; BBS, 1984). Seckley (Bagnall, 1909). Oxbind Coppice (SO 743749) (Hodgetts, 1984). Valley below Lords Wood (Paton, 1984).
LiverwortJungermannia atrovirensDark-green FlapwortLocal
LiverwortJungermannia gracillimaCrenulated FlapwortLocal
Liverwort(Jungermannia hyalina)Transparent Flapwort (Rare)Wyre Forest and Seckley Wood (Duncan, Bot. Worcs.)
LiverwortJungermannia pumilaDwarf FlapwortLocal
Liverwort(Jungermannia sphaerocarpa)Round-fruited Flapwort (Rare)“Dowles Brook” (Bagnall, 1892, mss.) Wyre Forest, Arley Wood and Seckley Wood (Bot. Worcs.)
LiverwortLeiocolea turbinataTop NotchwortLocal
LiverwortLejeunea cavifoliaMicheli’s Least PouncewortLocal
LiverwortLejeunea lamacerinaWestern PouncewortLocal
LiverwortLepidozia reptansCreeping FingerwortWidespread
LiverwortLophocolea bidentataBifid CrestwortUbiquitous
LiverwortLophocolea heterophyllaVariable-leaved CrestwortUbiquitous
Liverwort(Lophozia bicrenata)Lesser Notchwort(Rare) “Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1909).
LiverwortLophozia excisaCapitate NotchwortRare Wyre Forest and Sandbourne, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.). “Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1913). Postensplain (Lawley, 2008).
Liverwort(Lophozia incisa)Jagged/Alpine Jagged Notchwort(Rare)Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.)
LiverwortLophozia ventricosaTumid NotchwortWidespread
LiverwortLunularia cruciataCrescent-cup LiverwortWidespread
LiverwortMarchantia polymorphaLocal
LiverwortMarchantia polymorpha ssp. ruderalisRareRibbesford Wood (Duncan, 1912). Mawley drive (Lawley, 2010). Wyre Forest Visitor Centre (Winnall, 2010).
LiverwortMarsupella emarginataRareWyre Forest and Seckley Wood (Duncan, Bot. Worcs.). Near Sorbus domestica (J.A. Paton, 1959). Knowles Coppice (Lawley, 2002). The Bank (SO 7276, Lawley, 2011).
Liverwort(Marsupella funckii)(Rare)Ribbesford Wood (Duncan, 1912).
LiverwortMetzgeria conjugataLocal
LiverwortMetzgeria consanguinea – see M. temperata
LiverwortMetzgeria fruticulosaLocal
LiverwortMetzgeria furcataUbiquitous
LiverwortMetzgeria temperataRare Ribbesford Wood (BBS, 2004). Baveney Brook (Lawley, 2004). Joan’s Hole (Lawley, 2010).
LiverwortMetzgeria violacea – see M. fruticulosa
LiverwortMicrolejeunea ulicinaRare Skeys Wood (Lawley, 2004). Wood west of Far Forest Church (SO 7276, Lawley, 2011).
LiverwortNardia scalarisRare“Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1902). Postensplain (Lawley, 2005). Dowles Brook (SO 7376) (Fraser, 2007).
LiverwortNowellia curvifoliaLocal
LiverwortPellia endiviifoliaUbiquitous
LiverwortPellia epiphyllaUbiquitous
LiverwortPellia neesianaRare Dowles Brook (SO 743749) (Hodgetts, 1984)
LiverwortPlagiochila asplenioidesWidespread
LiverwortPlagiochila britannicaScarce Dowles Brook (SO 741762) (BBS, 2004). Park Brook (Fraser and Lawley, 2007). Longdon Wood (Lawley, 2009). Joan’s Hole (Lawley, 2010).
LiverwortPlagiochila porelloidesUbiquitous
Liverwort(Plagiochila spinulosa)(Rare) Beaucastle Brook (Duncan, 1907). Gladder Brook (Bot. Worcs.). “Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1916).
Liverwort(Porella arboris-vitae)(Rare)“Wyre” (SO 7576) (W.B. Allen, 1906). Skeys Wood and Wyre Forest (Duncan, Bot. Worcs.)
LiverwortPorella cordaeanaRareRibbesford Wood (M.O. Hill and R.D. Porley, 2004).
LiverwortPorella platyphyllaScarceWyre Forest and Seckley Wood (Bot. Worcs.).  “Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1902). Mawley (Lawley, 2001). Baveney (Fraser and Lawley, 2006). Joan’s Hole (Lawley, 2010). Chamberline Wood (Lawley, 2011). The Bank (SO 7276, Lawley, 2011).
LiverwortPtilidium ciliareRare Hawkbatch Valleys (M. Lilley, 2007).
LiverwortPtilidium pulcherrimumRare Park Brook and railway line (SO 7576) (BBS, 2004).
LiverwortRadula complanataLocal
LiverwortRiccardia chamedryfoliaScarceSeckley Wood (Bot. Worcs.).  Knowles Coppice (Lawley, 2002). Hitterhill (BBS, 2004). Neenshill Coppice (Fraser and Lawley, 2007). Hurst Coppice (Fraser and Lawley, 2008). New Parks (Fraser and Lawley, 2008).
LiverwortRiccardia multifidaRare Dowles (SO 743762) (Lawley, 2001). Great Bog (BBS, 2004).
LiverwortRiccardia palmataRareBaveney (Fraser, 2007). Great Bog, New Parks (Lawley, 2009).
Liverwort(Riccia sorocarpa)(Rare)Hoarstone, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.)
LiverwortSaccogyna viticulosaLocal
Liverwort(Scapania compacta)(Rare)Seckley Dingle (J.H. Thompson, 1866).
Liverwort(Scapania gracilis)(Rare) “Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1902). Seckley Wood (Bot. Worcs.)
LiverwortScapania irriguaLocal
LiverwortScapania nemoreaWidespread
LiverwortScapania undulataWidespread
LiverwortSolenostoma gracillimum – see Jungermannia gracillima
LiverwortSolenostoma hyalinum – see Jungermannia hyalina
LiverwortSolenostoma sphaerocarpum – see Jungermannia sphaerocarpa
LiverwortTrichocolea tomentellaLocal
LiverwortTritomaria exsectiformis Rare “Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1911, 1916). Breakneck Bank (R.F. Shoubridge and Lawley, 1999).
Liverwort(Tritomaria quinquedentata)(Rare)Wyre Forest and Seckley Wood (Duncan, Bot. Worcs.).  “Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1910).
Moss(Abietinella abietina)(Rare)“Wyre Forest” (J.H. Thompson, 1866).
Moss(Aloina aloides)(Rare)Wyre Forest and Trimpley (Bot. Worcs.)
Moss(Aloina ambigua)(Rare)Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.)
MossAmblystegium fluviatile – see Hygroamblystegium fluviatile
MossAmblystegium serpensUbiquitous
MossAmblystegium tenax – see Hygroamblystegium tenax
MossAmblystegium variumRareRiver Severn near Dowles (Lawley, 2009). R. Severn near Bewdley (Lawley, 2009). New Parks (Lawley, 2009).
Moss(Amphidium mougeotii)(Rare)Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.)
MossAnomodon viticulosusLocal
Moss(Aphanorhegma patens)(Rare)Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.)
Moss(Antitrichia curtipendula)(Rare) “Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1916).
MossArchidium alternifoliumWidespread
MossAtrichum undulatumUbiquitous
MossAulacomnium androgynumWidespread
MossAulacomnium palustreScarce Mad Brook (Duncan, 1901). Seckley (Bot. Worcs.). Cleobury Coppice (Duncan, 1912). Hawkbatch and near Knowles Coppice (BBS, 2004).
MossBarbula convolutaWidespread
MossBarbula convoluta var. commutata – see B. sardoa
MossBarbula sardoaScarce Ribbesford Churchyard (Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Arable fields, Ribbesford (Lawley, 2009). Mawley (Lawley, 2011).
MossBarbula unguiculataWidespread
MossBartramia pomiformisRare Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.). Knowles Coppice (Lawley, 2002).
MossBrachytheciastrum velutinum – see Brachythecium velutinum
MossBrachythecium albicansLocal
MossBrachythecium glareosumRare “Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1902). Bewdley (Lawley, 2009).
MossBrachythecium mildeanumRare North Wood, Bewdley; Wyre Forest, Seckley Wood (Bot. Worcs.). Seckley (J.M. Holmes, 1960). R. Severn near Ribbesford (BBS, 2004).
MossBrachythecium plumosumLocal
MossBrachythecium populeumScarceWyre Forest and Seckley Wood (Bot. Worcs.). Park Brook and Hitterhill Coppice (BBS, 2004). Ribbesford Wood (Lawley, 2004). Mawley (Lawley, 2011).
MossBrachythecium rivulareUbiquitous
MossBrachythecium rutabulumUbiquitous
MossBrachythecium velutinumLocal
Moss[Bryoerythrophyllum ferruginascens][Rare] “Wyre Forest” (Duncan, 1902).
MossBryoerythrophyllum recurvirostrumLocal
MossBryum argenteumWidespread
MossBryum bicolor – see B. dichotomum
Moss(Bryum bimum)(Rare)Wyre Forest and Jockey Brook, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.)
MossBryum bornholmenseRare “Wyre” (Duncan, 1904). Hitterhill Coppice (R.C. Stern, 2004).
MossBryum caespiticiumScarce Breakneck Bank (R.F. Shoubridge and Lawley, 1999). Mawley (Lawley, 2001). Bowcastle (Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Alton brownfield site, Long Bank (Lawley, 2009). Railway line north of Bewdley (Lawley, 2010).
MossBryum capillareUbiquitous
MossBryum dichotomumUbiquitous
MossBryum gemmiferumRareRiver Severn at Bewdley (Lawley, 2009).
Moss(Bryum intermedium)(Rare)Railway cutting near Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.)
MossBryum klinggraeffiiRareLongdon (SO 749766) (Lawley, 2008). Ribbesford (Lawley, 2009).
MossBryum laevifilumScarceDowles Manor (Lawley, 2003). Dowles/Lodge Hill Farm (Fraser and Lawley, 2007). Baveney Brook (Lawley, 2004). Knowles Coppice (Fraser and Lawley, 2007).
Moss(Bryum pallens)(Rare)Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.)
MossBryum pallescensRare Postensplain (Lawley, 2005).
MossBryum pseudotriquetrumLocal
MossBryum pseudotriquetrum var. bimum – see B. bimum
MossBryum radiculosumRare Bowcastle (Lawley, 2004; Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Railway line at Bewdley (Lawley, 2010). Mawley (Lawley, 2011).
MossBryum rubensUbiquitous
MossBryum ruderaleLocal
MossBryum subapiculatumRare Park Brook (BBS, 2004). Pound Green Common (Lawley, 2003). Ribbesford (Lawley, 2009).
MossBryum moravicum – see B. laevifilum
Moss[Bryum uliginosum][Rare] “Bewdley” (Duncan, 1900).
Moss(Buxbaumia aphylla)(Rare) “Wyre Forest” (Duncan, 1899).
MossCalliergon cordifoliumRare Cleobury Coppice (Duncan, 1912). Hawkbatch (SO 763775) (BBS, 2004).
MossCalliergon stramineum – see Straminergon stramineum
MossCalliergonella cuspidataUbiquitous
MossCalliergonella lindbergiiWidespread
Moss(Campyliadelphus chrysophyllus)(Rare)Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.)
MossCampylium protensumRareWyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.). Postensplain (Lawley, 2005).
MossCampylium stellatum Local
MossCampylopus flexuosusLocal
MossCampylopus fragilisRare Winterdyne, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.). Coachroad Coppice (Duncan, 1912). Chamberline Wood (Lawley, 2011).
MossCampylopus introflexusUbiquitous
MossCampylopus pyriformisLocal
MossCeratodon purpureusUbiquitous
MossCinclidotus fontinaloidesLocalFrequent in and beside the River Severn. Also in R. Rea at Mawley.
MossCirriphyllum crassinerviumLocal
MossCirriphyllum piliferumLocal
MossCratoneuron filicinumUbiquitous
MossCryphaea heteromallaScarce Knowles Coppice (Lawley, 2002). Pound Green Common (Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Joan’s Hole (Lawley, 2010). Mawley (Lawley, 2011).
MossCtenidium molluscumWidespread
MossCynodontium bruntonii – see Oreoweisia bruntonii
MossDialytrichia mucronataRareDowles Brook at The Bank (SO 7276, Lawley, 2011).
Moss(Dichodontium flavescens)(Rare) Gladder Brook (Duncan, 1909).
Moss(Dichodontium palustre)(Rare)“Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1908). 
MossDichodontium pellucidumWidespread
MossDicranella heteromallaUbiquitous
MossDicranella palustris – see Dichodontium palustre
MossDicranella rufescensRare Seckley Wood and Gladder Brook (Bot. Worcs.). Mawley (Lawley, 2001). Longdon Wood (Lawley, 2009).
MossDicranella schreberiana Local
MossDicranella staphylinaScarce Ribbesford (Fraser and Lawley, 2007; 2008). Longdon Wood (Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Worrall’s Grove, Eymore Wood (Lawley, 2009).
MossDicranella variaWidespread
MossDicranoweisia cirrataWidespread
MossDicranum bonjeaniiRare “Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1908). Great Bog (BBS, 2004).
MossDicranum fuscescensRare Baveney (Lawley, 2007). Withybed Wood (Lawley, 2011). Mawley (Lawley, 2011).
MossDicranum majusLocal
MossDicranum montanumLocal
MossDicranum scopariumUbiquitous
MossDicranum tauricumLocal
MossDidymodon acutusRareAlton brownfield site, Long Bank (Lawley, 2009)
MossDidymodon fallaxWidespread
MossDidymodon insulanusUbiquitous
MossDidymodon luridusLocal
MossDidymodon nicholsoniiLocal
MossDidymodon rigidulusWidespread
MossDidymodon sinuosusWidespread
MossDidymodon spadiceusLocal
MossDidymodon tophaceusLocal
MossDidymodon vinealisRareWyre Forest and Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.). Buttonoak/Dowles (R.F. Shoubridge and Lawley, 1999). Bowcastle (Lawley, 2004).
MossDitrichum cylindricum – see Trichodon cylindricum
MossDitrichum heteromallumRare Bowcastle (Lawley, 2004). Longdon Wood (Lawley, 2009). Far Forest churchyard (Lawley, 2011).
MossDrepanocladus aduncusRare Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.). Hawkbatch (BBS, 2004).
MossDrepanocladus revolvens –see Scorpidium revolvens
MossEncalypta streptocarpaScarceBewdley, Arley Wood and Dowles (Bot. Worcs.).  Mawley (Lawley, 2001, 2011). Knowles Coppice (Lawley, 2002). Postensplain (Lawley, 2005).
MossEncalypta vulgarisRareRibbesford (Bot. Worcs.).  Breakneck Bank (R.F. Shoubridge and Lawley, 1998, 1999).
MossEntosthodon fascicularisRareRibbesford (Lawley, 2009).
MossEntosthodon obtususRare “Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1911). “Wyre” (H.H. Knight, 1919). Great Bog (BBS, 2004).
MossEphemerum minutissimumRareRibbesford (Lawley, 2009). Longdon Wood (Lawley, 2009). Far Forest churchyard (Lawley, 2011).
Moss(Ephemerum serratum s.l.)(Rare)Stagbury Hill and Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.)
MossEphemerum serratum s.s.Rare Skeys Wood (Lawley, 2004). New Parks (Lawley, 2009).
MossEpipterygium tozeriRareRiver Severn near Dowles (Lawley, 2009). R. Severn at Bewdley (Lawley, 2009).
MossEucladium verticillatumLocal
MossEurhynchium crassinervium – see Cirriphyllum crassinervium
MossEurhynchium hians – see Oxyrrhynchium hians
MossEurhynchium praelongum – see Kindbergia praelonga
MossEurhynchium pumilum – see Rhynchostegiella pumila
MossEurhynchium schleicheri – see Oxyrrhynchium schleicheri
MossEurhynchium speciosum – see Oxyrrhynchium speciosum
MossEurhynchium striatumWidespread
MossFissidens adianthoidesLocal
MossFissidens bryoidesUbiquitous
MossFissidens celticusRareSeckley (T.L. Blockeel, 1993; Lawley, 2001). Wood west of Far Forest Church (SO 7275754, Lawley 2011).
MossFissidens crassipesLocal
MossFissidens dubiusWidespread
MossFissidens exiguusRareWorrall’s Grove, Eymore Wood (Lawley, 2009). River Severn at Bewdley (Lawley, 2009).
MossFissidens exilisScarceGladder Brook and North Wood (Bot. Worcs.). Buttonoak/Dowles (R.F. Shoubridge and Lawley, 1999). Dowles/Lodge Hill Farm (Fraser and Lawley, 2007). Baveney Brook (Lawley, 2004). Postensplain (Lawley, 2005).
MossFissidens fontanus – see Octodiceras fontanum
MossFissidens gracilifoliusRareNew Parks (Lawley, 2008).
MossFissidens incurvusRareChamberline/Withybed (Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Mawley (Lawley, 2011).
MossFissidens osmundoidesRare Hitterhill (Lawley, 2004). Baveney (Fraser and Lawley, 2007).
MossFissidens pusillusLocal
MossFissidens rivularisRareRiver Severn near Bewdley (Lawley, 2009).
MossFissidens rufulusRarePostensplain (Lawley, 2005). Worrall’s Grove, Eymore Wood (Lawley, 2009).
MossFissidens taxifoliusUbiquitous
MossFissidens viridulusLocal
MossFontinalis antipyreticaScarceWyre Frost and River Severn, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.). River Severn, Bewdley (J.H. Thompson, 1855). Mawley (Lawley, 2001). Seckley (BBS, 2004). Dowles Brook (SO 741762) (A. Hill, 2006).
Moss(Fontinalis squamosa)(Rare)River Severn between Bewdley and Arley (Bot. Worcs.)
MossFunaria hygrometricaLocal
MossGrimmia pulvinataLocal
MossGrimmia trichophyllaLocal
MossGyroweisia tenuisLocal
MossHennediella stanfordensisScarceRiver Severn, Ribbesford (R.J. Fisk, 1978). River Severn, Seckley (Lawley, 2004).
MossHeterocladium flaccidumLocal
MossHeterocladium heteropterum Local
MossHomalia trichomanoidesLocal
Moss(Homalothecium lutescens)(Rare)Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.)
MossHomalothecium sericeumWidespread
MossHookeria lucensWidespread
MossHygroamblystegium fluviatileLocal
MossHygroamblystegium tenaxWidespread
MossHygroamblystegium varium – see Amblystegium varium
MossHygrohypnum luridumLocal
MossHylocomium brevirostre – see Loeskeobryum brevirostre
MossHylocomium splendensLocal
MossHypnum andoiLocal
MossHypnum cupressiformeUbiquitous
MossHypnum jutlandicumUbiquitous
MossHypnum lacunosum var. lacunosumRare Willow Bank, Bliss Gate (Lawley, 2005). Railway line north of Bewdley (Lawley, 2010).
MossHypnum lindbergii – see Calliergonella lindbergii
MossHypnum resupinatumWidespread
MossIsothecium alopecuroidesLocal
MossIsothecium myosuroidesUbiquitous
MossKindbergia praelonga Ubiquitous
MossLeptobryum pyriforme ScarceBewdley (Bot. Worcs.).  Willow Bank, Bliss Gate (Lawley, 2005). Bowcastle (Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Worrall’s Grove, Eymore Wood (Lawley, 2009).
MossLeptodictyum ripariumLocal
Moss(Leptodontium flexifolium)(Rare)Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.)
MossLeskea polycarpaLocal
MossLeucobryum glaucumLocal
MossLeucobryum juniperoideumLocal
Moss(Leucodon sciuroides)(Rare)Wyre Forest and Crundalls, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.)
Moss(Loeskeobryum brevirostre)(Rare)“Wyre Forest” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1902).
MossMicrobryum davallianumRareBell Coppice (Lawley, 2011).
MossMnium hornumUbiquitous
MossMnium marginatumScarceRiver Severn, Seckley (Bot. Worcs.).  River Severn, near Ribbesford (BBS, 2004). Arley (Lawley, 2009). River Severn near Dowles (Lawley, 2009).
MossMnium stellareLocal
MossNeckera complanataLocal
MossNeckera crispaLocal
MossOctodiceras fontanumRare River Severn, Bewdley (Duncan, 1901, 1904, 1906, 1929). Seckley (D.T. Holyoak, 1992).
Moss(Oreoweisia bruntonii)(Rare)Seckley Wood and Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.)
MossOrthodontium lineareWidespread
MossOrthotrichum affineUbiquitous
MossOrthotrichum anomalumScarce Bowcastle (Lawley, 2004; Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Willow Bank, Bliss Gate (Lawley, 2005), Ribbesford (Lawley, 2009). Bewdley railway station (Lawley, 2010).
MossOrthotrichum cupulatumScarceDowles Brook and Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.), Ribbesford (Lawley, 2009). Cleobury Coppice (Lawley, 2012).
MossOrthotrichum diaphanumLocal
MossOrthotrichum lyelliiScarce Mawley (Lawley, 2001). Dowles Brook (SO 7376) (Fraser, 2007). Ribbesford Wood (Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Withybed Wood (Fraser, 2009; Lawley, 2011). Joan’s Hole (Lawley, 2010).
MossOrthotrichum pulchellumScarce Ribbesford (BBS, 2004; Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Mawley: Bayton stream (Lawley, 2010, 2011).
MossOrthotrichum rivulareScarce River Severn, Seckley (Bagnall, 1895; BBS 2004). River Severn, Ribbesford (BBS, 2004). River Severn, Dowles Manor (Lawley, 2008).
MossOrthotrichum spruceiScarce River Severn, Ribbesford (T.L. Blockeel, 1986; BBS, 2004). River Severn, Seckley (BBS, 2004). Bottom of Worrall’s Grove, Eymore Wood (Lawley, 2009).
MossOrthotrichum stramineumLocal
MossOrthotrichum tenellumRare Brand Wood (Fraser and Lawley, 2007). Withybed Wood (Lawley, 2011).
MossOxyrrhynchium hiansWidespread
MossOxyrrhynchium pumilum – see Rhynchostegiella pumila
MossOxyrrhynchium schleicheriRareDowles Brook (SO 741762) (BBS, 2004). Joan’s Hole (Lawley, 2010). Mawley (J. Day, 2011).
MossOxyrrhynchium speciosumRareNew Parks (Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Pound Green Common (Fraser and Lawley, 2008).
MossPalustriella commutata Local
MossPalustriella falcataLocal
MossPhascum cuspidatumScarceRibbesford (Fraser and Lawley, 2007; 2008). Pound Green (Lawley, 2003; 2007). Joan’s Hole (Lawley, 2010).
Moss(Philonotis arnellii)(Rare)Bewdley (Duncan, 1906). Wyre Forest and Rhydd Covert near Blakeshall (Bot. Worcs.). “Wyre Forest” (W.B. Grove, 1926).
MossPhilonotis fontanaRareBrook east of Buttonoak (J.H. Thompson, 1866). Wyre Forest and Seckley (Bot. Worcs.). Longdon (SO 749766) (Lawley, 2008).
MossPhyscomitrium pyriformeRareGolden Valley, Bewdley (Duncan, 1908). Stagbury Hill (Bot. Worcs.). Ribbesford (Lawley, 2009).
MossPlagiomnium affineScarce Mawley (Lawley, 2001). Knowles Coppice (Lawley, 2002). Lodge Hill Farm (BBS, 2004). River Severn, Ribbesford (BBS, 2004).
Moss(Plagiomnium cuspidatum)(Rare)Gladder Brook and Seckley Wood (Bot. Worcs.).  “Wyre Forest” (Duncan, 1913).
MossPlagiomnium ellipticumRare Buttonoak/Dowles (R.F. Shoubridge and Lawley, 1999).
MossPlagiomnium rostratumWidespread
MossPlagiomnium undulatumUbiquitous
MossPlagiothecium curvifoliumLocal
MossPlagiothecium denticulatumWidespread
MossPlagiothecium laetumRare Hawkbatch and Ribbesford (BBS, 2004).
MossPlagiothecium latebricolaScarce “Wyre Forest” (SO 7576) (C.H. Binstead, 1903). Seckley Wood (Bot. Worcs.). Bewdley (Duncan, 1920). Ribbesford Wood (BBS, 2004). Mawley (Lawley, 2011).
MossPlagiothecium nemoraleWidespread
MossPlagiothecium succulentumWidespread
MossPlagiothecium undulatumWidespread
MossPlatygyrium repensScarce Mawley: River Rea (Lawley, 2001; A. Hill, 2011) and Bayton stream (Lawley, 2010). Joan’s Hole (Lawley, 2003). Hitterhill Coppice (BBS, 2004).
MossPlatyhypnidium riparioidesUbiquitous
MossPleuridium acuminatumWidespread
MossPleuridium subulatumRare Ribbesford Wood (Duncan, 1900). Wyre Forest and North Wood, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.). River Severn, Ribbesford (BBS, 2004). Hitterhill Coppice (BBS, 2004).
MossPleurozium schreberiLocal
MossPogonatum aloidesWidespread
MossPogonatum nanumRare “Wyre Forest” (Duncan, 1904). Rhydd Covert, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.). Postensplain (Lawley, 2005).
MossPogonatum urnigerumScarceWyre Forest and over railway tunnel, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.).  Fastings Coppice (Duncan, 1911). Brand Wood (Fraser and Lawley, 2007). Alton brownfield site, Long Bank (Lawley, 2009).
MossPohlia annotinaScarce “Wyre Forest” (So 7576) (Duncan, 1908). Rhydd Covert, Bewdley (Bot. Wrocs.). Buttonoak/Dowles (R.F. Shoubridge and Lawley, 1999).
MossPohlia drummondiiRare Brand Wood (Lawley, 2007).
MossPohlia melanodonLocal
MossPohlia nutansLocal
MossPohlia wahlenbergiiWidespread
MossPolytrichastrum formosumUbiquitous
MossPolytrichastrum longisetumScarceWyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.). Hitterhill Coppice (BBS, 2004). Lodge Hill Farm (BBS, 2004). Baveney (Fraser and Lawley, 2006). New Parks (Lawley, 2008).
MossPolytrichum communeRareSeckley Wood and Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.). Hawkbatch and Knowles Coppice (BBS, 2004).
MossPolytrichum juniperinumWidespread
MossPolytrichum longisetum – see Polytrichastrum longisetum
MossPolytrichum piliferumLocal
MossPseudephemerum nitidumRare “Wyre Forest” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1907). “Wyre Forest, streams” (BBS, 2004). Longdon Wood (Lawley, 2009).
MossPseudocrossidium hornschuchianumScarce Near Sorbus domestica (J.A. Paton, 1959). River Severn, Ribbesford (BBS, 2004). Pound Green Common (Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Longdon (Lawley, 2008). Alton brownfield site, Long Bank (Lawley, 2009).
MossPseudocrossidium revolutumScarceBewdley (Bot. Worcs.).  Willow Bank, Bliss Gate (Lawley, 2005). Ribbesford (Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Railway line north of Bewdley (Lawley, 2010). Mawley (Lawley, 2011).
MossPseudoscleropodium purumUbiquitous
MossPseudotaxiphyllum elegansUbiquitous
Moss(Ptychomitrium polyphyllum)(Rare) Seckley (Bagnall, 1895). Wyre Forest and railway cutting, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.).
MossRacomitrium aciculareLocal
Moss(Racomitrium canescens s.l.)(Rare)Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.).
MossRacomitrium ericoidesRarePipeline, Longdon (Lawley, 2008, 2009). Alton brownfield site, Long Bank (Lawley, 2009).
Moss(Racomitrium fasciculare)(Rare) “Wyre Forest” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1907).
MossRacomitrium heterostichumRareBewdley and Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.).  Ribbesford Churchyard (Fraser and Lawley, 2008). Withybed Wood (Lawley, 2011).
Moss(Racomitrium lanuginosum)(Rare)Wyre Forest and railway cutting, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.).
Moss(Rhizomnium pseudopunctatum)(Rare) “Wyre Forest” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1902). Wyre Forest, railway bank near Bewdley and Rock Coppice, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.).
MossRhizomnium punctatumWidespread
Moss(Rhodobryum roseum)(Rare)Wyre Forest, Eymore Wood and Ribbesford Wood (Bot. Worcs.).  Seckley Wood (J.H. Thompson, ex. herb. J. Fraser, 1867). “Wyre Forest” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1900; anon., 1913). Near Dowles Manor House (J.A. Paton, 1959).
MossRhynchostegiella curvisetaScarceRibbesford Wood (Bot. Worcs.). Worrall’s Grove, Eymore Wood (Lawley, 2009). River Severn at and near Bewdley (Lawley, 2009).
MossRhynchostegiella pumilaLocal
MossRhynchostegiella tenellaLocal
MossRhynchostegiella teneriffaeWidespread
MossRhynchostegium confertumUbiquitous
Moss(Rhynchostegium megapolitanum)(Rare)“SO 77” (Bagnall, 1903). Dowles Brook (Bot. Worcs.).
MossRhynchostegium muraleRareBewdley (Bot. Worcs.).  Bowcastle (Lawley, 2004). Hitterhill coppice (Lawley, 2004). Railway line north of Bewdley (Lawley, 2010).
MossRhynchostegium riparioides – see Platyhypnidium riparioides
MossRhytidiadelphus loreusLocal
MossRhytidiadelphus squarrosusUbiquitous
MossRhytidiadelphus triquetrusScarceWyre Forest and Gladder Brook (Bot. Worcs.).  Breakneck Bank (R.F. Shoubridge and Lawley, 1998, 1999). Great Bog (Lawley, 2001). Dowles Brook (SO 741762) (BBS, 2004).
MossSanionia uncinataRarenear Dowles Brook and Wyre Forest, 1890 (Bot. Worcs.). Withybed Wood (Lawley, 2009).
MossSchistidium apocarpum Scarce Seckley (BBS, 2004). Dowles Brook/Lodge Hill Farm (Fraser and Lawley, 2007). New Parks (Lawley, 2009). Withybed Wood (Lawley, 2009). Chamberline Wood (Lawley, 2011). The Bank (SO 7276, Lawley, 2011).
MossSchistidium crassipilum Local
MossSchistidium elegantulumRareBewdley (Lawley, 2009).
MossSchistidium rivulareRareDowles Brook (SO 7677) (Duncan, 1908). Dowles Brook (Longdon Wood, SO 7576) (Lawley, 2009).
MossSciuro-hypnum plumosum – see Brachythecium plumosum
MossSciuro-hypnum populeum – see Brachythecium populeum
MossScleropodium cespitansLocal
MossScleropodium purum – see Pseudoscleropodium purum
Moss(Scleropodium tourettii)(Rare) “Bewdley, Bache’s [Bark?] Hill” (Duncan, 1903).
Moss(Scorpidium cossonii)(Rare)Beaucastle, 1903 (Journal of Botany). Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.).
Moss(Scorpidium revolvens)(Rare)“Wyre” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1901). Seckley Wood (Bot. Worcs.).
MossScorpidium scorpioidesRare Buttonoak/Dowles (R.F. Shoubridge and Lawley, 1999).
MossSeligeria pusillaRare High Oak Coppice (Lawley, 2002).
Moss(Seligeria recurvata)(Rare) “Wyre Forest” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1906).
MossSphagnum angustifoliumLocal
MossSphagnum capillifoliumRare “Wyre Forest” (J.H. Thompson, 1866). Near Knowles Coppice (BBS, 2004).
MossSphagnum capillifolium ssp. rubellumRare Town Coppice (M. Pool, 2004).
MossSphagnum denticulatumRare “Wyre Forest” (SO 7576) (W.P. Hamilton, 1902). Seckley Wood and Arley Wood (Bot. Worcs.). Dowles Brook/Lodge Hill Farm (Fraser and Lawley, 2007). Brand Wood (Fraser and Lawley, 2007). Hurst Coppice (Fraser and Lawley, 2008).
MossSphagnum fallaxRare Dowles Brook (SO 743749) (Hodgetts, 1984).
MossSphagnum fimbriatumLocal
MossSphagnum girgensohniiRareHawkbatch (BBS, 2004).
MossSphagnum inundatumLocal
MossSphagnum palustreLocal
Moss(Sphagnum papillosum)(Rare)Rock Coppice (Duncan, 1899).
MossSphagnum quinquefariumScarce “Wyre Forest” (Duncan, 1900). Town Coppice (M. Pool, 2004). Knowles Coppice railway line (BBS, 2004; Lawley 2011). Pound Green (Lawley, 2003).
MossSphagnum squarrosumRare Hitterhill Coppice (BBS, 2004). Hawkbatch (Lawley, 2004).
MossSphagnum subnitensLocal
Moss(Straminergon stramineum)(Rare)“Wyre Forest” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1901).
MossSyntrichia intermediaLocal
MossSyntrichia laevipilaScarce Mad Brook (Duncan, 1901). Wyre Forest and Crundalls, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.). Seckley (BBS, 2004).
MossSyntrichia latifoliaLocal
MossSyntrichia montana – see S. intermedia
MossSyntrichia ruralisRareShatterford, near Bewdley (Duncan, 1901).  Ribbesford (Fraser and Lawley, 2008).
MossTaxiphyllum wissgrilliiScarceWyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.).  Mawley (Lawley, 2001). Ribbesford Wood (BBS, 2004). Worrall’s Grove, Eymore Wood (Lawley, 2009).
MossTetraphis pellucidaWidespread
MossThamnobryum alopecurumWidespread
MossThuidium recognitumRareWyre Forest (Duncan, Bot. Worcs.).  Railway near Knowles Coppice (BBS, 2004).
MossThuidium tamariscinumUbiquitous
MossTortella bambergeriRare Dowles Brook near Lodge Farm (Lawley, 2007). New Parks (Lawley, 2009). Chamberline Wood (Lawley, 2011). The Bank (SO 7276, Lawley, 2011).
MossTortella tortuosaScarce“Wyre Forest” (SO 7576) (Duncan, 1904). Park Brook (Lawley, 2004). Postensplain (Lawley, 2005). Bewdley (Lawley, 2009). Chamberline Wood (Lawley, 2011).
MossTortula acaulon – see Phascum cuspidatum
MossTortula marginataRareSeckley (Bagnall, 1895). Aqueduct stonework (SO 7377, Lawley, 2009). Railway line north of Bewdley (Lawley, 2010).
MossTortula modicaRareStagborough (Duncan, 1900). Wyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.). Ribbesford (Fraser and Lawley, 2008).
MossTortula muralisUbiquitous
MossTortula subulataRareRhydd Covert and Lye Head, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.). Breakneck Bank (R.F. Shoubridge and Lawley, 1999).
MossTortula truncataLocal
MossTrichodon cylindricusLocal
MossTrichostomum brachydontiumLocal
MossTrichostomum crispulumLocal
MossTrichostomum tenuirostreLocal
MossUlota bruchiiWidespread
MossUlota crispaLocal
MossUlota phyllanthaRareRibbesford, near Glebe Cottage (Fraser and Lawley, 2007). Joan’s Hole (Lawley, 2010).
MossWarnstorfia exannulataRareWyre Forest and Rock Coppice, Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.). Hawkbatch (SO 763775) (Lawley, 2004).
MossWarnstorfia fluitansRareWyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.).  Park Brook (Lawley, 2004).
MossWeissia brachycarpa var. obliquaScarceStagbury, Arley Wood and Bewdley (Bot. Worcs.).  Longdon Orchard (R.F. Shoubridge and Lawley, 1999). Mawley (Lawley, 2001). Knowles Coppice (Lawley, 2002). Willow Bank, Bliss Gate (Lawley, 2005). Alton brownfield site, Long Bank (Lawley, 2009). Chamberline Wood (Lawley, 2011).
MossWeissia controversaWidespread
MossWeissia longifolia var. longifoliaRareRibbesford (Lawley, 2009).
MossWeissia rutilansRareEymore Wood (J.H. Thompson, “from Dr. Griffiths”, 1871). Worrall’s Grove, Eymore Wood (Lawley, 2009). Wyre Forest, Gladder Brook and Ribbesford Wood (Bot. Worcs.). Postensplain (Lawley, 2005).
MossZygodon conoideusLocal
MossZygodon rupestrisRareWyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.).  Seckley (Lawley, 2004). Chamberline Wood (Lawley, 2008).
MossZygodon stirtoniiRareWyre Forest (Bot. Worcs.). Chamberline Wood (Lawley, 2011). The Bank (SO 7276, Lawley, 2011).
MossZygodon viridissimus Local
MossZygodon viridissimus var. stirtonii – see Z. stirtonii