Wyre Forest Study Group – Lichen articles

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Lichens of New Parks – Trevor Duke

In this article Trevor provides a detailed insight into the results of a WFSG field meeting to record lichen species. Starting out from New Parks, his party at first made slow progress but this gradually increased as they moved into more species-rich environments. The final count was 34 species with, as Trevor details, some notable and impressive specimens. – hint – “tins of white paint”.

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2020)

Sedum Roof Expedition 2016 – Ann Hill and Rosemary Winnall

The Community Discovery Centre, with its Sedum roof, was built in 2009. In 2016 an intrepid survey of the roof revealed an interesting selection of plants, bryophytes, fungi and some invertebrates.  

(From Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2016)

The Hidden World of Wyre’s Stumps – Trevor Duke

Trevor Duke relates how he has found Cladonia caespiticia and Cladonia parasitica in the Wyre Forest.

(From the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2016)

The ancient woodland lichen ‘Bark Barnacles’ Thelotrema lepadinum, continues to maintain a presence in Seckley Ravine – Bob Kemp
Bob Kemp celebrates the continued presence of this ancient woodland indicator lichen in Wyre, and notes previous records.

(From the Wyre Forest Study Group REVIEW 2015)