Wyre Forest Study Group


March, 2020

Swan Goose sighted in Bewdley


The Swan Goose has arrived in Bewdley town, says Pauline Lowe who took these photos from near her house by the riverside on 29th March 2020. It is a Swan Goose which, in the wild, normally inhabits Mongolia in NE China and SE Russia. It is often kept in collections and this one must have escaped from captivity.

In their normal range they are usually close to freshwater, but rarely swim. They graze on sedges and other bankside plants. This goose shows certain hybrid features that may indicate parental interbreeding with perhaps a Greylag Goose.







Swan Goose - Pauline Lowe

Swan Goose keeping company with Canada Geese

Bewdley town
Photograph by – Pauline Lowe
29 March 2020