Wyre Forest Study Group


November, 2019

Nigma walckenaeri



This small green spider may be found in sheltered spots on Ivy, Holly and other garden shrubs. The all-green females measure 4-5mm and the males, which have a reddish carapace and green abdomen, are slightly smaller at 3-4mm.

They spin small webs often within curled leaves, and it is this silk that we look for when searching for these spiders which are often found inside their retreats.

This species has been common in London and the Thames valley for some time, but it was only discovered in the Severn valley in 1993. Since then it has been recorded increasingly from many gardens, parks and hedgerows in Worcestershire.

Both sexes are found in late summer and into the autumn, and females persist through the winter months. This female was found in Jubilee Gardens in the centre of Bewdley town.





Nigma walckenaeri female - Roger Plant

Nigma walckenaeri

Photograph by – Roger Plant

November 16th – 2019