Wyre Forest Study Group

August  2023

Musk beetle – Aromia moschata

This fabulous longhorn beetle was found along the riverside at Blackstone by Ellie Reast on our August field meeting. This localised beetle takes 3 years to complete its life cycle. Eggs are laid on the bark of live willows and the larvae burrow in, feeding inside for 2 years before pupating and emerging as adults.

The Musk Beetle is a visually striking insect that can easily be identified by its large size and distinct colouration. Typically measuring around an inch or more in length, the Aromia moschata boasts a glossy, dark brown or black exoskeleton. It features a long, slender body with prominent antennae extending from its head. The beetle’s elytra, or wing covers, showcase attractive metallic blue or green hues, providing an elegant contrast against its darker body.










Musk beetle - Aromia moschata - Ellie Reast

Musk beetle – Aromia moschata

Photo by: Ellie Reast