Wyre Forest Study Group


November, 2019

Miniature pillars and capstones in sand


Landforms are not always seen at the grand scale; it is necessary to look closely to see small ones. Where large stones exist in an easily erodible sediment it is possible for pillars of sediment to form with a capstone sitting on the top. In glacial setting (the Swiss Alps for instance) boulders can be seen sitting on the top of pillars several tens of metres tall.

Looking closely at a pile of sand in the corner of the Visitor Centre Car Park one morning, miniature versions of the capstone pillars could be seen. Rain from a rather wet autumn had eroded the sand where it wasn’t protected by the larger capstone grains producing an interesting pillar landform.






Miniature sand pillar - Graham Hill

Miniature sand pillars and capstones

Photograph by – Graham Hill

Visitor Centre Car Park – 6th Nov 2019