Wyre Forest Study Group
September, 2018
Life under a log

During the regular midweek field meeting in Sept, the Study Group, with permission, visited the little-known area of Snuffmill ponds, just to the south of Bewdley. The Snuffmill ponds date back several centuries and consist of three ponds that once fed the old mill. On making our way to the ponds, we were attracted to a meadow area in a dip with a noticeable ‘wet’ area running through it. The decision to explore the area didn’t take long to be made as the meadow looked very inviting.

Snuffmill wet meadow
Snuffmill wet meadow, 5th September 2018

After a short while, Rosemary, who had carefully overturned a damp piece of wood, discovered a very interesting community of creatures, often associated with each other. These included the very distinctive and attractive Blind Woodlouse (Platyarthrus hoffmannseggi). This species of woodlouse always lives in ant nests where it is accepted and tolerated by the ants. It probably performs cleaning duties by feeding on the detritus found in the nest.

Blind Woodlouse - Platyarthrus hoffmannseggi

Blind Woodlouse (Platyarthrus hoffmannseggi)

Unknown species
Unknown species yet to be identified.
Ant and Woodlouse

Ant with Blind Woodlouse.


Springtails, probably Cyphoderus albinus associated with ants