Wyre Forest Study Group

5 July, 2023

Drab Lopper moth – Minoa murinata

In spite of its common name, there was a good deal of excitement among the members of the WFSG, when several specimens of this day-time flying moth were recorded during a recent visit to the Wyre.

The Drab Lopper moth (Minoa murinata) is a small unmarked, but rather dainty moth that gets its species name from murinus meaning ‘mouse- coloured’, referring to the light brown to buff colour of the wings. It is considered to be nationally scarce, with numbers declining still.

The Drab Looper moth is usually found in ancient woodland in open, sheltered, sunny situations and along ride edges. The larval foodplant of the Drab Looper moth is Wood Spurge (Euphorbia amygdaloides), preferring the flowers and floral leaves.










Drab Lopper - Minoa murinata

Drab Lopper – Minoa murinata

Wyre Forest – July 2023