Wyre Forest Study Group

26 May, 2023

Club-tailed Dragonfly emergence

The Club-tailed Dragonfly emergence period for 2023 is almost over now after two weeks and already it looks like a better year than 2022.

The only way to assess how well this dragonfly is doing is to count the larval cases they leave behind when the adult steps out and flies away.
They can be seen on plants, soil and brick walls but never more than 2 metres from the water. This one just stopped on a rock. There isn’t much boat traffic at Bewdley but on the Thames they could be affected by boat wash as they emerge.






Club-tailed Dragonfly ♀ - Mike Averill
Club-tailed Dragonfly larval case - Mike Averill

Club-tailed Dragonfly larval case

Photograph by – Mike Averill

Club-tailed Dragonfly ♀ – Gomphus vulgatissimus

Photograph by – Mike Averill