Wyre Forest Study Group – Bird Gallery

Wyre Forest Bird Life

The Wyre Forest is home to a rich mix of bird species and the air is often filled with the sound of many different songbirds. With its many different habitats attracting a wide range of resident, summer and winter visitors, the forest offers an amazing landscape of sound, from the melodic notes of the Wood Warbler and ringing tones of the Nuthatch to the strange roding calls of the elusive Woodcock.


The Wyre Forest Study Group have been able to observe and photograph many of the birds of the Wyre Forest over the 25 years and more of study. The gallery here displays just a few of the 133 species of birds recorded in the Wyre Forest. These images have been captured by members of the study group and are often included in the website blogs or WFSG published articles.


This gallery will be updated and added to regularly. We would love to be able to include group members’ photographs too. If you have any photographs within your own personal collection that were taken within the local area of the Wyre Forest and you would like to see them displayed within these pages, just let us know.

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