Wyre Forest Study Group

5 July, 2023

A glint of gold – Golden-ringed dragonfly

On a recent July field meeting of the WFSG to the Wyre, we were treated to the sight of one of the UK’s spectacular dragonflies – the Golden-ringed dragonfly.

The Golden-ringed dragonfly (Cordulegaster boltonii) is a very large dragonfly that is on the wing from May to September. It is a dragonfly of small, acidic streams in moorland and heathland, and may be found away from its breeding sites.

The female of this species is the UK’s longest dragonfly because of her long ovipositor.

Golden-ringed dragonflies are voracious predators, feeding on large insects, such as damselflies, other dragonflies, wasps, beetles and bumblebees. They are fast, agile and powerful flyers









Golden-ringed Dragonfly ♂ - Cordulegaster boltonii

Golden-ringed Dragonfly ♂ – Cordulegaster boltonii

Wyre Forest – July 2023